BoneCrafter Mod Kit Free To All Owners of BoneCraft

BoneCrafter is a mod kit that combines both sex and fighting in order to create your very own unique content for the BoneCraft game. BoneCrafter is a community based mod kit to allow modders to learn the tools and then using these and assets that are available to use from both the BoneCraft game and the BoneTown game to create your own games content or modify the existing game which can then be shared with the community of followers. Modders are able to change all aspects of BoneCraft from missions to level design and everything in between. The only qualification you need to be able to download the BoneCrafter mod kit is that you have to own the BoneCraft game get your copy here.

The Latest BoneCraft News - Order BoneCraft Now and Get Special Offers

Get The Bonecraft adult game nowThis is it, the news that you have been waiting for, the time is here we can now tell you that BoneCraft is now available to buy and download (also available on DVD). The BoneCraft release date was the 12th of January 2012 and you can be one of the first people in the world to own the game complete with the limited edition ROBO-HO.

When you order your copy of BoneCraft here not only will you be one of the first to own the game but for your loyalty you will also get a limited edition ROBO-HO plus you will have the knowledge that you will be one of the first to play the fantastic new BoneCraft game.

In addition to all this fantastic news I have some more news, if you don't already own BoneTown, the other amazing game from D-Dub then you can get it bundled with BoneCraft and save money Take a look at the amazing money saving offer here.

The Latest BoneCraft Sex Video

The latest BoneCraft gameplay sex trailer gives just a taster of what a fantastic sex game BoneCraft will be. Building on the success of the hugely popular and fantastic adult game BoneTown, BoneCraft is set to add even more sex and realism in a completely new environment! Take a look at the BoneCraft game's "Sex Teaser" trailer and really start getting excited about the pending BoneCraft release.



BoneCraft Works With XBox 360 Controller

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo don't allow games like BoneCraft to be played on their consoles (big loss on their part I say) but the creators of BoneCraft have listened to what their customers want and as a result of this have made the BoneCraft game work with the XBox 360 controller and other Microsoft controllers too. This doesn't of course effect the standard PC controls which will work as normal.

BoneCraft Difficulty Levels

BoneTown was considered too hard by some, and whilst I have to agree that it is challenging on some missions, that is one of the things I love about it. With this in mind BoneCraft's creators have made the game work at three difficulty levels, Easy, Medium or Hard. In hard mode it will challenge your little grey cells more, whilst in easy mode you will be able to easily go through the missions to get to the Elf pussy.

BoneCraft is gaining in momentum and already has a growing fan base (I am one of those fans) and it's not even out yet!

The BoneCraft adult game was released to buy on 12th January 2012 so buy it now and if you buy it with D-Dub Software's original BoneTown game you will save money. Alternatively order BoneCraft here