Satan Vs Jesus, Free BoneTown Game Review

This is just a mini BoneTown review for the free mini BoneTown game Satan vs Jesus. When you start, you get to choose, do you want to be the evil Satan dude, or JC, I guess it depends on just how you are feeling. Whilst this free BoneTown game is not a patch on the full version it is free and does share one thing in common with it's big brother; like BoneTown it is very addictive.

There are not many rules that you have to learn or things you need to know. Basically though your goal is to get the hot chick, but this is not as easy as it seems. This free BoneTown game is a bit crazy and fucked up where your goal is to pick up the hot babe.

The idea is to not miss the stuff that comes scrolling towards you down what looks like bowling lanes. To do this you will have to use the J,K,L or A,S,D keys hit them fast and don't miss any, it won't take long to get the gist! If you do let your opponent fill their bar then sorry, game over. All you have to do to experience the fuck fest at the end is to get over 3000 points, sounds easy doesn't it, well let's just wait and see!