The BoneCraft Review

BoneCraft Space MarineBoneCraft is certain to be one adult game that you will want to try out. Whether you are a lover of fantasy games like StarCraft or WarCraft or a lover of adult games like BoneTown (not that there are any others like BoneTown) you will be sure to love it.

On this page you will find the BoneCraft review (see below), this is an amazing game all the contraversy of BoneTown and more read the low down on just how brilliant I think the BoneCraft game is below.

If you are keen to get started with BoneCraft, read the BoneCraft review then join the rush, I've already got mine!

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Don't forget BoneTown and Bonecraft together are a great price and if you haven't already experienced the adult gaming joy that is BoneTown you are in for a real treat.

If you would like to find out more about bonetown then why not read the in depth BoneTown review you will be amazed at how fantastic the game really is. If you want to find out more about BoneTown then read the pages on the site or visit the official BoneTown Site Here.

The Review of the BoneCraft Adult Game

Well I knew I was going to be addicted but I didn't realise just how quickly. This is a game that like BoneTown is so addictive it makes it almost a Class A drug well OK maybe you won't get high but you definitely won't be able to put it down.

There are many similarities between BoneCraft and BoneTown but only in style of play, the enjoyment factor, the fact you get to fuck amazing babes (the Elven girls) and the tongue in cheek completely fucked up and politically incorrect humour awesome!!

OK it's not all Elven pussy lips and nipples you also get to fuck the Orc women too and man are they fucking ugly! But you get the picture, the BoneCraft adult fantasy game is a real keeper and has heaps of replay value.

The graphics are amazingly cool and the scenes between chapters (similar to BoneTown missions) are jam packed with excellently poor humour and cool video. You have to progress through the chapters to get to the ultimate prize, entry into the Golden Showers Brothel and all the Elven Pussy that you can eat and fuck.

You and your group of rowdy Space Marines have to navigate through 11 chapters killing, fucking and beating the shit out of everything from Orcs and Dark Elves to Dick Monsters. Three difficulty levels mean that the game can be played at whichever speed is best for you and will help you get into the pants of the Elven Queen faster (although even easy will take you a little while).

You can replay missions and in true BoneTown style, BoneCraft has a free roam mode which allows you to freely wander around the BoneCraft planet environment, killing. maiming, kicking the shit out of and fucking various life forms to allow you to gather more cash and ammunition. The more cash you have the better because you can but bigger and better weapons and extra sex positions.

Initially each mission is at the location of your sexbot, but in free roam mode previous missions are indicated by an orange console which you need to find. If you want to save a game then find a console click to enter the mission, save the game then close the window to return to free roam mode.

There are some cool things to find whilst roaming including spinning Alien artefacts. Make sure that you collect as much jet fuel as possible as it lets you make higher jumps.

If you enjoy BoneCraft as much as me then you are going to love this for months to come. This definitely has to be the adult game for 2012.

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