BoneCraft The Latest Adult Game From D-Dub Software

The latest BoneCraft gameplay trailer gives just a hint of what a fantastic action/adventure adult video game this will be. Building on the success of the hugely popular and fantastic adult game BoneTown, BoneCraft will be sure to rocket to the same dizzy heights, I for one can't wait for it's release! Take a look at the BoneCraft game's "Violent Gameplay" trailer to get your excitement flowing.



BoneCraft Space MarineFor all of those who are not yet aware the BoneCraft adult game has now been released. It was released on 12th January 2012 and having played it right through in easy mode on the beta release I can tell you that you are in for an excellent ride. It is an adventure full of battles, adult humour and beautiful Elvin chicks that you will get to bone!

I will soon be giving you more information on playing the BoneCraft game and I will update these pages, shortly I will provide you with a BoneCraft review so that you can make your mind up for yourself, in the meantime you can read an excellent BoneCraft review here

BoneCraft OrcBoneCraft is a spoof of the games "StarCraft" and "World of WarCraft" and promises that a completely new level of filth will be available to fans of fantasy and sci-fi games.

BoneCraft promises a battle of epic proportions between the Orcs and the Space Marines, the purpose of which is to get the Elvin girls.

When you start BoneCraft you will be able to choose how you want to play, you will be able to play as an Orc or a Space Marine depending upon how you feel on the day.

BoneCraft Elvin chickIf you decide to play as a Space Marine you will come from a planet far away ant travel through outer space then crash your mighty spacecraft into the planet, a planet filled with Elvin girls.

The planet's inhabitants fear you but when you find out that there are hot Elf girls there you need to get serious. In order to get the Elf pussy you must overthrow the Orcs whose quest it is to keep you out of the Elvin brothels.

BoneCraft is sure to gain many fans prior to it's release (I am just one of them) as eager BoneTown gamers and fantasy or sci-fi gamers join hands in the eager anticipation of it's arrival.

BoneCraft was released 12th January 2012 and if you order your copy of BoneCraft here you will (for a limited period) get ROBO-HO absolutely free. What's more there is an amazing saving when you buy BoneCraft and BoneTown together as a bundle so don't delay; buckle your seat belt and and enjoy the ride as you prepare to be one of the first people in the world to play BoneCraft.

You probably already know the supreme excellence of adult games from D-Dub Software why not take a look at BoneTown too.


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