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BoneCraft Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi Game New From The Creators Of BoneTown

No doubt you will have heard of the BoneTown adult game, how could you not have done! However for those BoneTown virgins, it is an adult video game from D-Dub Software that is so controversial that I am surprised, and glad, that it hasn't been banned. It was the first action adventure adult video game in the world!

If you would like to read more about BoneTown then there is an excellent BoneTown review here. BoneCraft is a new game from the creators of BoneTown and it is set to be just as amazing. Take a look at the promotional BoneCraft video below, am sure that you will agree it is going to be one hell of a game.

BoneCraft Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi Game

BoneCraft is an adult fantasy/sci-fi spoof that is going to definitely appeal to the hoards of people who already love the BoneTown adult video game, hands up if that's you! In addition it will appeal to a completely new bunch of adult gamers, those who love fantasy or sci-fi games but who have never been able to experience it from the adult sex game perspective.

D-Dub Software are a small independent company but they really do know how to create an adult game that keeps you glued to your spot for hours on end.

According to the blurb in the press release BoneCraft has taken the same style of adult humour that has made BoneTown so popular and apply it to the BoneCraft fantasy cum sci-fi game.

In the BoneCraft adult game you will find not only the fantastic adult humour that D-Dub Software are renowned for but also the completely new breed of characters including horny Orcs, Elf prostitutes and drunken space marines.

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BoneCrafter a Mod Kit for the BoneCraft Game

Have you ever wanted to be a big game designer, do you have fantastic ideas that you think would make BoneCraft even better? Well now you can take part and share your ideas with a community of game enthusiasts and create your very own content and use that created by other BoneCrafters.

Find out more about BoneCraft and the BoneCrafter mod kit is a fan site and information site for the fantastic adult games "BoneCraft" & "BoneTown" if you would like to visit the official BoneCraft website click here